Giver of Light UK

Overcome life obstacles by raising your vibrations. Relax into yourself to feel satisfied and happier. All through unique healing energy candle ceremonies.



We are the Archangel and Master candles. We were purposely made to represent energies of Archangels and Masters here on Earth. We aren`t just regular candles and we have to caution you. If you want a candle for embellishment which will burn normally, you should buy an ordinary candle instead as it will save your money and disappointment. We can burn in different ways and will also bring a few beautiful surprises into your life.



Being an Angelic healer and life coach I’ve used many types of candles but none have been as amazing as the Giver Of Light. I got my first candle in 2015 Mary Magdalene . This candle brought Mary Magdalene to life for me and helped me overcome a loss at that time in my life. I continue to use them for myself and my client.
— Amanda Jesenska, Intuitive Consultant, London
To me the candle is an item of wonder, it will burn differently every time it is lit. You feel it will rid the room of negative if needed, it also can burn gently in an almost caring loving way when things are calm.
— Steve, London
I have the beautiful deep blue Archangel Michael candle, I am sure I will get others in the future. They are big and long lasting, beautifully made and really support the ambience when I am doing my meditations. The symbols on them are lovely and I would highly recommend.
— Jagdeep, London
A stubborn old habit that I had given up on changing just melted away without any effort. I’m also much more relaxed about life now and don’t worry so much. There is something about the colour that is so soothing and calming.
— Hazel, Healer, London